Our Important Cats

We have over twenty feral cats at the sanctuary of all shapes and colours. During the day it is hard to spot a cat as they are curled up somewhere asleep or just busy exploring further a field. At dusk there are cats everywhere!

To name a few, we have Teddy, Tarlia and Twilght. They are from the same litter and they know all the tricks when it is feed time. They must pop their little faces in every bowl of food to check which is the best. Then we have Riddles, Leo, Silvester and Lucky. They are more reserved and do wait until the bowls are put down. We have Fluffy Black Cat, Wonky Hip, Bitsy kitten, and it goes on.There are grey ones, tabbies, gingers, blue/creams and good old reliable black ones and we love them all.

The cats are very important to the sanctuary as they keep control of the rat population just by their presence – well most of the time anyway. They are all neutered and very healthy pussy cats.

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