Our Goats, Sheep and Highland cattle

Eight goats live in the sanctuary: Billy, Marmite, Frosty, Skittle, Tucker, Frasier, Fawn,  and Basher. They can be very naughty at times and  enjoy chasing around with the llamas as well as with Cindy our Jacobs sheep.

Cindy sits up by the front gate on guard and if anyone comes in, she follows them around. One day Carol got a phone call from the electric meter reading man who had climbed over the gate to read the meter by the barn. When he tried to leave, Cindy started playing butting games and Carol had to go and rescue him.

We have another really large overweight sheep called Dottie. She is so obsessed with food that she even chews in her sleep. Her nick name is Lardy and although she is really naughty when we are trying to do the feeds, she is a favourite on the Open days.

We also have two Highland steer called Clarence. Clarence is a real character: he doesn’t like to be stroked other than on his face but he loves taking tidbits from your hand  He can be a little naughty at times and with his long horns we need to be aware at all times when we go in with him. Mostly it’s playful, but it is still a bit nerve-racking. Clarence is really loved by all who visit the sanctuary

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