Ducks, Chickens and other Feathered-friends

We have ducks, hens and cockerels all over the sanctuary. Some of them have really beautiful colours. There are also five geese and two guinea fowl.

The ducks love making a mess as soon as there is a puddle to be found. Last year three ducks hatched off a batch of eggs each which is why we have so many.

Many of our birds have great characters and we are very fond of them. White Collar and Rickets are just two of them. White Collar’s original mate was killed by a fox and we were really upset for him, but he picked himself up and after dating a few of the other females found a new mate and is happy again.

Rickets was a lone duckling hatched by a chicken and so she has been pretty special from the start especially as she had weak legs as a baby.

Then we have our ladies! Martin was very excited about getting two Buff Orpington hen chicks to go with our males. Unfortunately one morning our ladies started crowing! However, we still call them our ‘Ladies’.¬† Then there is Billy the blue Buff Orpington cockerel, he is very tame and hangs out with the Ladies.

We do get wild  ducks visit us from time to time and these we are sure are ones that have been helped at the sanctuary in the past: they fly away back to the wild when the are fit . It is very special when at a later date they pop back for a visit and we feel honoured!

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