For sale: gifts, cards & fertilizer

We now have now opened a charity shop in the heart of St Osyth. It is open 7 days a week from 10 till 4pm. It’s packed with wonderful gifts, as well as clothing and household goods. Below you will also find  details of our special greeting cards and the Sanctuary Llama Fertilizer. All money raised is used to care for the animals.


Our Sanctuary Greeting Cards
l artist Charmaine McKissock has specially designed these lovely greetings cards for us to raise money for our animals. You may even recognize some of your favourite animals in the pictures! They would be suitable for Christmas or any other special occasion. The cards are A6 printed on recycled paper and come wrapped in assorted packs of 4 for £5.00 or individually wrapped for £1.50 each.
They are in our St Osyth shop now and selling very fast. If you would like to order some by post, please email  or visit the shop.


Sanctuary Llama Fertilizer
Llama Fertilizer is the natural dung produced by our small herd of llamas. This fantastic unusual fertilizer does not contain any additives and has well balanced N.P.K levels to promote strong roots, foliage, fruit and flower growth.

The naturally formed pellet or refined fertilizer will slowly deliver Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and many other minerals to your plants. Llama fertilizer has better N.P.K levels than other animal fertilizer, equaled only by bat guano – and there isn’t much of that in Essex!

How to use

Liquid form (known as tea): pour a cup full of llama pellets into a gallon container filled with water. Leave for a day or two, then water plants with the “tea”. The bucket can be refilled a few times until water does not change to tea colour, then contents can be dug into the ground.

For pots and indoor use: Simply sprinkle a few pellets around plant, lightly cover with soil and then water

for outdoor use: Sprinkle pellets over area to be planted and lightly rake or fork into the soil, taking care to cover all pellets with soil, then water.

For health and safety, please wear gloves when handling fertilizer.
Llama fertilizer won’t burn your plants, but take care with young plants & roots.

How to buy:  the Fertilizer comes in 5 litre bags and is £5.00 a bag .
Contact Martin on 01255 823381