Our Dairy Boys

In July 2019 we were asked if we could take on two very young calves. We agreed to have them and they were meant to arrive in a couple of weeks. The following day we were contacted again to say they were booked for slaughter the next day and the rescuers had a few hours to collect 8 calves 6 for another sanctuary. We agreed to take them all overnight as the other sanctuary couldn’t take them at such short notice. When they arrived they were very sick and at just 2 weeks old 2 of them died and the other 6 were not well enough to move for several weeks. In the end we kept them all at the sanctuary and they are called Basil Bodin Tosh Timba Jambo and Geilo.

They were weaned off milk at 5 months old and castrated. They are our love delightful dairy boys.  They are all fully grown steers now, they eat A LOT and we are so thankful to have them in our lives.