Clarence get the all clear!

Clarence was not in a happy mood this morning when a tractor, a fork lift, a vet,  two farmers and two farm workers turned up outside his field.
Both Clarence and Rosie were on their guard.
Ian our vet discussed the option of sedating Clarence as it looked like he was not going to fall for the rope around the horns trick.
The problem was the amount of sedation to weight ratio would have to be guessed and this was risky and Clarence could die. This had to be a last resort!
We tried using Rosie as a shield for the vet to examine Clarence but in the end it had to be the rope round the horns job.
It was a bit more tricky this time, Clarence was not happy and I had to be really careful that I didn’t get knocked over, but with a bit of time I did it then Philip and John jumped into action and poor Clarence was reeled in up to the fork lift. He did not go down this time and it was quite frightening when he thrashed about. I thought the rope was going to break. Clarence eventually gave in and stood as if to say “get on with it” and the vet went in gave him a stroke and then did what it was he had to do.
There was great relief when he said Clarence had the all clear!
John cut him free and Clarence ran off to his mum complete with his rope hair band still in place. I tried to make friends with Clarence but he was not interested. One of the farmers said don’t worry you have four years to make friends with him before his next TB test!

When everyone had gone we had a photographer from the Clacton Gazette turn up to take photos of our famous boy. I managed to make friends with Clarence again by bribing him with bread.

Once I had made my peace with him he allowed me to take the rope off his horns.
It is finally the end of a nightmare! Clarence is safe, No one was hurt and everything that got damaged belonged to the sanctuary.

. Thank you to Roger Frere for the loan of the crush. It doesn’t matter that we never used it. The fact that it was at the sanctuary was how getting Clarence TB tested moved on. Without that crush we couldn’t get anyone to agree to come due to health and safety reasons.
We are truly grateful to you Roger.

 We are also really grateful to Phil and John Smith who have helped us with our animals on many occasions, without them and their equipment we would not have the happy ending we have for Clarence today.

Also thank you for all the support we have received from animal lovers all over. It has been amazing how many people have rallied round to help.
Thank you from all of us for helping to save our much loved boy.







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