Clarences first TB test day arrives

We anxiously went about the business of feeding the animals today heavily weighed down by the events of yesterday and at a loss of what the new plan would be.
Phil and John arrived with a trailer full of sturdy gates to make the race. Clarence immediately became suspicious of all the activity outside his field. Martin, Steve, Sally, Sam and myself waited to hear what Phil and John thought on the situation. It was decided that the idea of a race to the crush was not going to work as Clarence would just jump out.
There were two options left.
the vet try to get neat enough to sedate him or
get a rope around his huge horns and then pull him up to a fork lift
I wanted the first option but the vet was not keen, he thought there could be problems with the results of test if other drugs were in him. Clarence was not going to let any strangers near him so there was only one option left
Clarence would not let anyone near him to put the rope over his head and in the end it was down to me, he trusted me. I took my time so I didn’t mess up and managed to get the rope over his head. Phil and John slowly wound him in. Clarence was shaking with fear and when he got himself caught in the rope and dropped to the floor I felt physically sick but the vet quickly moved in and did the two injections.

I wondered if Clarence would ever forgive me but when Phil cut the rope and Clarence was able to stand back up it was like he wanted to be near me for reassurance and I was able to stroke him.
We are very grateful to Phil and John Smith for their help today and to Ian the vet who allowed us time and didn’t just say there was no way of achieving the goal.
It was very upsetting to see such a large animal go down but at least I knew he would get back up, shake himself down and get on the business of being Clarence.
We have to go through it all again on Thursday, in the meantime I have time to restore my relationship with Clarence in the hope of Thursday being as stress free for him as possible.

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