Tears of frustration today as Clarence behaves like a bull in a china shop!

During the week we had a local farmer come and assess the situation ready for the vet on Monday. The new plan was to move Rosie and Clarence into the barn, put the crush in the doorway of the barn and Clarence would run to the light getting contained in the crush on the way out.
As we know how difficult they have been to move in the past we decided it best to move them into the sanctuary today, no pressure on them, let them think it was a good idea!
That was the beginning of a really stressful day! It took nearly 2 hours to get them across the lane and into the sanctuary. It was as though there was an imaginary line that Clarence would not cross out of his comfort zone, it went on and on and we got colder and wetter until he took the plunge and was finally in the sanctuary.
We spent a further hour trying to get them into the barn. Having never been inside before it was a tall order and Clarence was becoming anxious so we left them for a while while we thought of a new plan.
We decided to move Basher our dangerous goat and put Rosie and Clarence in his pen. We moved Basher and dropped a large round bale of hay into the pen, made a race out of large bales of hay, then tempted Rosie and Clarence with carrots and finally they were in.
Our relief however was short lived as first Clarence knocked poor Rosie over which must have really jolted her arthritis and then he smashed down the strong post, rail and stock fence getting out. Not satisfied with that he then went up to the front gate, jumped over it denting the metal top rail and was out on the lane. Before we could stop him he then smashed down the front fence to the field he came out of and went back in where he felt safe leaving behind a trail of devestation.
Once back in his field he called and called for his mum Rosie until we let her go back with him.
We have achieved nothing today. The whole day taken up trying to prepare to save Clarences life and now we do not even have a plan.
It has got to be sorted by 11am tomorrow!

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