Clarence Appeal! Brilliant progress made today

Our phone and email have been very busy today with messages from wellwishers for Clarence and we have had an offer to give £1000 towards a new special crush for Highland Cattle and an offer to pay for the hire of one and we have had some donations through our website.
The great news is that a farmer quite local to us actually owns three highland cattle and is not only happy to lend us his £3000 special crush, he will also help us on the two days the vet come to first do the injections and then three days later to check his neck to get the result. What a kind man!
The next stage will be building the race which is the run in to the crush usually made out of livestock large hurdles or farm gates or maybe a wall of large straw bales.
Once this is set up we need to try and persuade Clarence to go through it to be fed. I know when we have tried this before he has looked at us as if to say “forget it I am not THAT hungry”
We will use donations for the race and if Clarence doesn’t co operate the tranquiliser
Thank you everyone who has sent best wishes and donations. We have been touched by the support for our shaggy boy!

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