Basher gets out of his pen

Basher the naughty goat that the police left in our care earlier this year noticed his gate wasn’t tied up and he so he decided to take a walk round the sanctuary. Carol had considered trying him out with the other animals now that he is neutered so when he got out we watched to see what he would do.
Well he started by chasing Mack our male llama and then took himself into the barn and started attacking Lardy the sheep. Carol distracted him only to have him rear up and charge her! He then butted Mummy Goat and Fraser his son.
It was all to clear that he was still as naughty as he ever was so Carol tried to get hold of his collar only to be butted again. The only way she could catch him was by getting a rope over his horns and leading him back to his pen. When she took the rope off his neck he jumped up and bit her arm.
Well at least we know he is still not safe to have with the other animals or loose with people.
It is a shame as he looks so sweet but there is definately a very dodgy side to his personality. Basher seemed quite happy to be back in his pen and the sanctuary was soon restored to normal

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