We have a new horse to join the family

A few days ago Carol and Steve were with a friend who told them about a thoroughbred she knew of that was going to be put down. Carol knew she wanted to help the horse and spoke to Steve and Martin about it. Although it is a big commitment it was decided we could give the horse a home.
The mare arrived at the sanctuary today. She is about 16.2hh dark bay. She has a tendon injury to her front leg and is underweight. She had only been with her previous owners a very short time and had gone to them in a very poor state.
We have called her Abbey as her pet name was Steve. She started her life as a race horse but in the past few years she had been used as a brood mare.
Abbey had a complete panic attack when she arrived because the llamas all rushed up to see her. She seems very highly strung but she was safely turned out in the paddock next to Sonny and friends and soon calmed down.
We have let her settle today as she needs to be calm to get used to her surroundings.
Abbey has a real fear of being shut in a stable which is going to need working on. Bad experiences stay with horses for ever and often aggressive behaviour from a human scars a horse for life.
Welcome to Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary Abbey, a place where you will be loved for who you are and the past can be put behind you. Your new life starts today!

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