Please Keep out Mr Fox!!

We love foxes and in all the years we have been at Greenland Grove we have had very little fox trouble although they are about.
Unfortunately we do have a persistant one at the moment who is lurking about night and day. A few days ago he was sitting in the sunshine and did not seem worried that we were about. We have to be extra careful to make sure our birds are away at night. Martin was watching him on the CCTV having a good look around the other night. He even checked in the barn before getting startled by Tug our young llama who wandered out to see him.
We had a tame fox called Scrappy for 11 years and he was an amazing clever little boy who loved to lay next to Carol in the evening while she was watching television. He could outwit Jenna the border collie if he wanted her toy off her.
Foxes are beautiful creatures and they do kill animals at times for nothing more than the fun of it but then so does man!
Hopefully this fox will soon get bored and move on otherwise we are going to have to make our fencing more secure and put some notices up “Mr Fox Keep Out”

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