Chance comes to stay

A lovely black horse living nearby had to vacate the field she was on. Her owner moved all her belongings to the yard she was moving to then came back to pick her up but Chance had other ideas.
Carol was just having a tea break when she noticed Chance’s owner at the gate. She needed help! Chance would not get in the lorry. It was strange to her and a side loader which she was not used to and she was not going in and that was that!
We tried all the usual kind methods and she would not budge! The owner even moved the lorry nearer to the sanctuary and she still wouldn’t get in it. Stubben comes to mind!
In the end as we had all run out of time Carol suggested we put her in the sanctuary until the owner could organise her usual transport. Chance seemed quite happy with that idea and happily settled into one of our stables for the afternoon. Unfortunately the transport couldn’t be sorted that day so Chance is still enjoying her short stay in with the geese until when?
Watch this space!

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