Zeva and Ruby collide

In the evening our llamas love to go “cracker llama” and they chase each other around the sanctuary at full speed doing high kicks and generally having a wonderful time. On Sunday evening though it ended in disaster!
Zeva and Ruby our two five month old cria’s were playing chase while we were doing our chores. They were running full speed when one of them decided to take a different path around the tractor and they collided smashing their heads together.
It was very distressing as we saw it happening but could do nothing to stop it.
Zeva collapsed on the floor for a few minutes and Ruby was completely dazed. There was blood coming from Zeva’s mouth and we really feared for them. When they came round they called for their mums and Gem and Cristal came rushing over hearing their distress.
Zeva broke her front tooth and took a lump out of her lip and Ruby seemed to be shocked and had a gash on her face.
We have encouraged them to keep quiet and rest as much as possible since. Tuggy our little boy cria luckily wasn’t involved in the game that night which is very fortunate as he is not as strong as the girls.
It just goes to show that anything can happen at anytime.
We wish Ruby and Zeva well and hope they will soon be playing again

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