Fireworks cause havoc at the sanctuary thanks to irresponsible neighbours

without any prior warning a firework display was put on by our neighbours around 20 feet from our horses and ponies on Sunday evening. There were rockets amongst other fireworks and they were aimed across our paddock against the wind towards our wooden barn. The paddock had 10 horses and ponies in and they were panicking, nearly crashing through the fence. The problem was it was too dangerous to try and get them and they wouldn’t have been safe in the barn anyway in case a rocket hit it. The police were called but they didn’t arrive for nearly an hour so there was not much they could do at that time as it had stopped.
Luckily our animas got away with no real damage and once they calmed down after the fireworks stopped we brought them safely in. The next morning we picked up 15 rockets amongst other fireworks some sticking out of the ground, one in our muck hill and some by our barn. One stray firework could be an accident but this many….. some people are unbelievable!

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