Monthly Archives: April 2019

Standing orders and regular donations

The sanctuary cost over £40,000 to run last year. We had high vets bills, high haylage bills that is without all the improvements we made to the ferret and donkey housing.
Regular donations however small are a massive help to us and the good news is that it all goes to the sanctuary not someones wages. If this is something you would like to do then this is how
You can set up a regular payment through paypal via our donate button or you could email us at if you would like to do it through the bank and we will give you our bank details. We are extremely grateful for regular payments. They are a real support to the sanctuary Thank you to our wonderful supporters who already do it

Check out our open day dates

check out our open day dates for this year on our Open days and events page

some of our new rabbit runs

photo bombed by Inka our young donkey

Why we do not rehome

One of the main aims we have is for our animals to bond with each other. It can take a lot of planning to work out which horses will go together. Horses will naturally pair bond for life and so once our animals have settled in and made friends we do not give them the stress of going to new homes where they have to start the process again. We did try loan homes in the early days but they rarely worked out as some of our horses are very difficult in new situations and so we made the decision to give our animals a home for life. This works for us but more important it works for our animals

Some of our beautiful animal family


Inka with Carol

Princess Bluebell