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Coffee Morning a huge success…Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone that came to the coffee morning we had a lovely time chatting to friends and supporters. We took £244.00 . A huge Thank you everyone involved.

Don’t forget our coffee morning Friday 21st February 10.30 – 12.00

We are holding a coffee morning at St Osyth Village Hall on Friday 21st February 10.30 – 12.00 in aid of the Sanctuary.
Please come along to say hello & spread the word & help make it a success.

Funny how the animals find the best spot in the sunshine

Mitzi one of our feral cats soaking up some morning sunshine in a nice sheltered part in the sanctuary

A few of our family of chicks enjoying a drink in the sunshine

Prince looks a different pony in just two months

Prince looks a different pony in just two months…

Before… look how thin his hips were when he arrived

After …to now after two months

We survived a wild night at the Sanctuary

What a wild evening at the sanctuary the 15th February was..
Powerful and frightening winds threatening to damage everything
we had our fingers, toes, claws, hooves and trotters crossed that we did not get any severe damage!…

everything looked ok the next morning apart from the felt on the goat house, we have been VERY LUCKY!!

February 14th 2014 is 1 year to the day that Clarence got the “all clear” from his TB test saga!

February 14th 2014 is 1 year to the day on the that Clarence got the “all clear” from his TB test saga!
The sanctuary made so many new friends as a result of the ordeal which nearly caused a nervous breakdown to all at the sanctuary!
Working at the sanctuary this morning in the wind and rain and struggling with the every increasing mud reminded us of that day one year ago…. it was the same awful weather but the elation we felt when the vet gave our boy the all clear was so immense it could have been a summers day!
We have so much to be grateful for…. a bit of bad weather is nothing compared to the love that surrounds us
Clarence you are still naughty and infuriating but we all love you

Life very difficult with the wet weather but Clarence doesn’t seem bothered as he munches on his breakfast

Clarence munching his breakfast

Update on Gem

Gem finally gets tempted and eats a little this evening, giving us hope!
Our dear lady has shown some improvement tonight and eaten a small amount of haylage… a blade at a time at first but slowly eating more as time went on.
She is a more alert and not as wobbley which is definately a step in the right direction
Well done Gem xxx keep it up!

Gem has been diagnosed with a heart problem

One of dear Llama’s, Gem has had a thorough examination by a vet this morning and she has a problem with her heart.
We became concerned as she was behaving different to her normal self and felt it needed investigating.
She is getting to be quite an elderly lady and it wasn’t the news we wanted but fingers crossed she will respond to treatment and we will have our dear friend for a good while longer!
Please get well soon Gem xxxx

That was a surprise!! …chicks arrive & it isn’t even Easter!!

This mornings surprise and it isn’t even Easter!
Where mummy hid her eggs and how they survived with all the surface water is a mystery!