Monthly Archives: January 2014

Jakey joins the family

Jakey’s owner could no longer care for him due to ill health and so he has come to share Martin and Amber’s home at the sanctuary
Welcome Jakey and we look forward to many conversations with you x

Unusual friendship between Cindy the sheep and Twilight the cat

Every evening these two have a ritual where Twilight rubs all round Cindy’s legs and face.
Lovely to see!

Thank you to all who supported us at Morrison’s Little Clacton

we raised £727.75 for the sanctuary

Prince and 7 others have their teeth sorted today

Prince, Sonny, Kes, Tizer, Daisy, Rodney, Truly and Buddy all had their teeth seen to today. Three of them were sedated to reduce the stress to them.
Hopefully if we can raise enough money we will have more done in June
Thanks Ben from Paten and Lee vets for a great job


Please come along to Morrison’s Little Clacton and support us

Horse Dentist coming this week

We think that several of our horses need to have their teeth floated as they are having trouble eating their haylage. This is going to be a real task as many of them are not likely to co-operate and may need sedation
Hopefully it will go well

Prince is making progress

Prince feeling optimistic about his future at Greenland Grove

We have a new pony to love!

How could we resist him, he was seriously thin, weak, covered in lice, with muscle wastage and a pressure sore on his withers,
Once we saw him we could not walk away and we arranged transport for the next morning
Welcome to Greenland Grove Prince, a permanent home where you will be loved and cared for.

Two weeks on and he has improved more than we could have dreamed of

Hopefully he will continue to make good progress