Monthly Archives: September 2013

Horse rugs desperately needed for winter

We desperately need to buy some new rugs for our horses
If you would like to donate to our rug appeal then you can do it through paypal or send a cheque made payable to Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary to Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St Osyth, Essex CO16 8JE
Thank you
We are also very grateful of good second hand rugs sizes
6ft 3in
4ft 6inch
thank you

A very bold persistant fox is causing problems at the sanctuary

We are having problems with a young fox at the sanctuary. This has been going on for several weeks now and is causing a lot of unease amongst the smaller animals at the sanctuary.
We never had too many problems with foxes until a few years ago when someone nearby started killing them much to our disgust. The problems started because new more aggressive foxes moved in to take their place who didn’t leave us alone like the old ones did.
We have someone at the sanctuary most of the time and llamas are meant to protect but this fox doesn’t care, he walks towards you and only backs off when we clap our hands and shout.
We can almost set the clock by him. Unfortunately even with all our vigilance he has had a few of our animals and birds.
We are very upset by this and it really doesn’t look like he is planning to move on any time soon.
We are trying our best to make it more difficult for him to get in but he is very small and it is not proving easy.
fingers crossed he gets fed up with being chased and leaves us alone before he does any more damage

Basher does some DIY

It was all his own work

Nisa “making a difference locally grant”

today we ordered 6 metal farm gates and post and rail fencing with our grant money.
We hopefully will receive the delivery on the 13th Sept.
Very exciting!!