Monthly Archives: April 2013

Clarence does the Highland Fling!

This morning we had to put another large round bale in with Rosie and Clarence. The trouble was they were standing in the place it needed to go.
Our highland cattle are the most stubborn cattle ever and they were not going to move.
We tried bribing them with carrots but they wanted the hay and Clarence was really getting the hump!
Martin went in armed with a feed bowl when Clarence decided he would move FULL SPEED BUCKING AND KICKING OUT straight at Martin. He looked just like he was doing the Highland Fling. Martin however looked like he was in training for the next olympics as he leaped over the fence to safety.
Whilst all this was going on Steve quickly dropped the bale in the field and peace was restored

Peggy has her first day in the field next to the other horses.

today we felt confident that Peggy was settled enough to go out and spend time in a paddock next to the oldies. The sun was shining and she really needed to let off steam.
She loved it and the oldies all forgot their age and started showing off and prancing around, it was lovely to watch.
Strangely Tizer the most unlikely horse who is knicknamed the ” child catcher” was the most attentive. He stayed close by the fence all day.
We will keep her seperate for a few more days before taking the plunge and putting them all together

Table Top a huge success!

Thank you to all who donated items to sell and for supporting us on the day.
A huge thank you to friends and volunteers who worked so hard as a team to make the sale a success and for making sure all volunteers without transport got home safely.
We made £950

Peggy joins the family!

Peggy was born in Southern Ireland Her mother was rescued and surprised her new owner when she unexpectedly gave birth to Peggy in August last year. Once weaned a home was found for her in the Tendring area and she made the long stressful journey over last week.
Unfortunately her new home never worked out and after 5 days she was homeless. Transporting her back to Ireland was out of the question and so we were asked if we could find room for her at the sanctuary.
We did have a spare stable but it needed sorting out as it had become a place for everything you can’t think what to do with!
There was no need to worry though because our volunteers made a joint effort and in no time at all it was done!
Peggy arrived the following morning,
She is a sweet hairy girl and hopefully she will enjoy a happy and fulfilled life with us at the sanctuary.
Welcome Peggy we love you already x