Monthly Archives: December 2012

We need help with Clarence our Highland steer!

Animal Health has told us that Clarence must be TB tested or slaughtered and as you can imagine it is causing us a real worry.
Rosie his mum was tested in October and was clear but testing Clarence is a different story.
Clarence has massive horns and cannot use a normal cattle crush, he also is very clever and excitable. We desperately need to borrow a suitable crush for highland or longhorn cattle.
If you know anyone who can help us please get in touch urgently. We have one month!

Even the ducks are getting fed up with the mud and wet

How wet can it get? It is hard to believe it will ever dry out. The animals do not want to be out in this awful weather. Poor Martin has holes in his wellies and squelches his way through the huge puddles in the gateways of the fields.
The horses spend a lot of time in their stables munching on haylage. When we do put them out they are waiting to come back in after only a couple of hours.
Roll on summer!

An unusual friendship!

A jacobs sheep and a cat!
Twilight one of our feral cats has taken a liking to Cindy our jacobs sheep. Twilight rubs round and round her with her tail in the air and Cindy really doesn’t mind.
It is lovely to see different animals interacting with each other. That is what the sanctuary is all about

Sad day at the sanctuary

after a short illness Disney passed away on the 5th December at just 8 days old.
We are all heartbroken to have lost such a lovely little boy!
RIP Disney we only had you a short time but we really loved you xx

Cleo has a baby boy called Disney

In December last year a lapse in concentration when moving the llamas and ponies ended up with an accidental mating between Cleo and Mack. In the early hours of the 28th November after a very difficult labour Cleo gave birth to a baby boy cria. He had difficulty breathing but thankfully our vet Sara managed to clear his lungs and get him going, we then had the task of taking care of him and mum Cleo while they recovered.
We have called the baby Disney and fingers crossed he will continue to make progress