Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wild ducklings found in Colchester Road are set free at the sanctuary

After several weeks living at the sanctuary our wild friends were let loose so that they can make their transition to the wild. So far although they are flying about they still go to bed with the tame ducks in the huts but it will not be long before they start venturing further afield and finally they will leave only returning now and again as if to say “Hi!Remember us”
It will be hard to say goodbye to the little gang but we will have the satisfaction that we done our job and they are where they belong, wild and free!

Monster the giant rabbit bites Carol!

We have one rabbit we call Monster! She is a continental giant and very grumpy. She needed to be put out into the run and Carol got the short straw. As she opened Monsters door she lunged from her bedroom compartment and bit Carols  hand drawing blood in two places. Where else could she get away with such naughty behaviour and still be loved regardless!