Monthly Archives: July 2012

Basher the goat and Tug our young llama get castrated!

Today was Tug’s big day! He has been mounting any llama that would keep still long enough to for a while now so we knew it was time he had the chop!
It was very stressful trying to fool the llamas that tody was a normal day and they were suspicious the moment we put them in the stables instead of letting them down the back field. Tug caused a bit of concern because he was only given a small amount of sedative and within minutes he was on the floor in a deep sleep. The operation went well though and the only concern seemed to be his reluctance to wake up but he did and all was well. Having this done means that he will be able to run with the herd and not be a problem to them.

Basher has been castrated today too! We figured he has had his fun since he has been here and we do not want anymore babies. We are hoping it might calm him down a little.. Well it’s worth a try!

Mummy Goat gives birth to two beautiful boys

Well that was a surprise! We did wonder whether Mummy Goat was pregnant or just fat! She was behaving different to normal yesterday 18th and so I put her in a strawed stable to be on the safe side. At 2.15pm I phoned Martin and asked him to check on her and he phoned back and told me she was in labour. I was an hours drive away and it seemed endless.
When I arrived Mummy was in trouble she was pushing and there was nothing to be seen so we phoned the vet. She talked me through what I had to do and so thinking of what I had seen on the James Herriot series I gritted my teeth and put my hand in. The baby was well and truly stuck but I managed to move it so that on the next contraction it finally came out amazingly alive still. A beautiful black and white boy. Within minutes another little brown, black and white boy followed.
The were soon on their feet before Mummy Goat who was exhausted by the ordeal.
We have named the black and white one Frasier and the brown one Tucker.
Mummy soon recovered and is proud of her two beautiful boys.
We were very lucky that they all survived and are doing really well

Skittle goat gives birth to two beautiful female kids

After two disturbed nights of watching Skittle closely, she gave birth to two beautiful babies who we have named Splash and Fawn. All went well but Splash seemed slow to feed so we rigged up the infa red lamp the first night to make sure she stayed warm.
It was an amazing experience to see them being born and staggering to their feet after such a short time.
Skittle is an amazing mother. She loves them so much and even lays watching them when they sleep.
If you want to see her beautiful babies then pop and see us. We are open to visitors every Sunday until the 26th August and Bank Holiday Monday