Monthly Archives: June 2012

An amazing weekend!

Our open weekend was a great success. We had so many visitors we had to open a second paddock for parking.
The weather stayed dry and although Saturday was windy it didn’t spoil the day.
The animals enjoyed the weekend and some gate crashed the activities, the hook a plastic duck game was interupted several times by the sanctuary ducks diving in the paddling pool and having a swim or worse!
Lardy our fat greedy sheep tried to join in with the refreshments but even she was full of titbits by the end of the weekend and actually took herself off for a rest.
Thank you to all our volunteers who donated their time to help and thank you to all who visited the sanctuary for treating our animals with kindness and respect when interacting with them. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did

Great Father’s Day Gift!

Why not buy a bag of Sanctuary Llama Fertilizer for an unusual gift.
It is in nice packaging in 5 litre amounts which will make 60 gallons of liquid fertilizer for the garden!


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Wind makes horses chase after their haylage!

Wind is a nightmare at times and especially when we feed the horses haylage out in the field. If we manage to get it out there then we put it in one paddock and it blows through to the next paddock. The horses settle to eat their chosen pile of haylage only to have it blow away as soon as the wind gusts!
On really windy days we tend to keep them in, its safer and less frustrating for both the horses and us.

Don’t forget our Open Weekend!

A date for your diary!
16th and 17th June 11am – 5pm
come and see our animals and enjoy the fun