Monthly Archives: May 2012

10 little ducklings stop the traffic!

Carol and Martin were just coming through Colchester Road in St Osyth late on Tuesday evening when a batch of wild ducklings were dashing around in the middle of the road. We waited until they went to the kirb and drove past.
They ran back out into the road in front of the car following us, thankfully he was an animal lover and stopped. We parked the car and ran back to try and save them. By the time we reached the ducklings the traffic was stopped both ways with drivers getting out to see what could be done. The ducklings were very cold and so Carol was able to pick them up and wrap them in her warm coat. We took them safely back to Martin’s caravan where we gave them some heat, food and water.
It was a great team effort from everyone. It was heart warming that the people cared about the safety of the little ducklings as without that we may not have been able to save them all.

Ducks enjoy the puddles

We are all tired of the rain at the sanctuary with exception of the ducks. They are thrilled! They have huge puddles to play in and they are like children when it comes to bed time, they just do not want to stop playing to go to bed. We nearly pull our hair out some evenings, as fast as we get one in the pen another one sneaks off to play in a puddle