Monthly Archives: April 2012

Attention Gardeners!

We have llama fertilizer for sale in easy to carry bags containing 5 litres.
Nicely packaged could be a present for a garden lover.
£5.00 a bag
proceeds to the sanctuary
ring Martin on 01255 823381

Easter Chicks arrive on time!

On arriving at the sanctuary on Good Friday Carol came across a proud mother hen with three cute fluffy chicks. They were having lessons from mother hen about how to peck about for food. It was a lovely sight and seemed just the right time as it was easter weekend!

young llamas get to spend time in the big field

Our young llamas have turned 7 months old now and with the dry weather we finally gave in and allowed them to go into the large paddocks near the creek with their mums.
It is a great sight when they chase around and play king of the castle on the muck hill.
It only seems five minutes since they were born!

Blacksmith day and all goes well

8 weeks has come around again and its time for all the sanctuary horses to have their feet trimmed and shaped. Unfortunately Carol was late getting to the sanctuary which meant not all the horses were in but luckily Martin was about and so Peter started trimming the ponies while Martin and Carol got the horses in. When they were finished Carol asked him to check out Abbey’s feet as they have huge cracks on them. He said it was because her feet had been left to spread (not trimmed regularly before) so we led her into the sanctuary as she was a bit aggitated and she had her feet trimmed without too much fuss.
The next date was booked before the blacksmith left and then we all rallied round and put the horses and ponies back out in the field to enjoy their day

Abbey has a walk around the sanctuary

Abbey had her first walk around the sanctuary this morning. While the llamas were safely away in the stables eating their breakfast Carol put a head collar on Abbey and led her into the sanctuary. She walked past the goats and sheep without any reaction. She was led down to the paddocks where she could see Mack our male llama then past the pigs and back up to the front of the barn where Nancy gave her a carrot before Carol took her back to her paddock. A very positive experience for Abbey and enough for one day. She appears very happy and is enjoying the attention she is getting from all the volunteers.