Monthly Archives: February 2012

Horses are enjoying the sun on their backs!

At last some lovely warm weather! After months of wearing winter rugs the horses and ponies are on their second day out in the field without their rugs on. Although it surely will not last they are enjoying a roll to help remove the loose fur the younger ones are already shedding. The older ladies like Honey and Connie hang onto their winter woolies for as long as possible as they do not like taking any chances!
All the same it is nice to see them getting some sun on their backs. It is good for their well being.

Steve gets chased by Annabelle whilst trying to catch a rabbit!

Carol was trying to get the rabbits fed before it rained on Saturday evening. It seemed to be going well until she noticed one of the girls rabbits had escaped and it was dashing in and out of the pig run. After about ten minutes she called Steve and Martin over to help catch the rabbit that was by then in flight mode.
Steve decided to get in the pig run to head it off but unfortunately Annabelle our huge pig had been woken from her sleep and was not impressed. Instead of chasing the rabbit Steve was chased by the pig and had to climb to safety as Annabelle really meant business. By the time the rabbit was safely back in its hutch the heavy shower that was threatened had arrived and everyone involved got soaked including the grumpy pig!

Basher is showing his true colours!

We have had Basher for two weeks now and hopes that he will be claimed are fading! Now he has settled he is very naughty!
It would appear that most of the volunteers now have been butted and it is clear that he will not be able to roam free as he is too dangerous. Basher looks really sweet but beware he is very unpredictable.
Steve is busy making him a pen so that we can all walk around the sanctuary (animals included) without fear of gaining another bruise to our collection.
Perhaps we should not have called him Basher as he certainly feels the need to live up to his name

Basher arrives by police car!

Late in the evening on Wednesday we received a phone call from the police. They had been called out because a stray goat was causing problems and they didn’t know what to do with it! Could we help?
He arrived at nearly midnight and was let out of the back of the police 4×4. It became quite clear he was an un neutured billy and his strong smell confirmed that!
We have called him Basher and a week on he has not been claimed.

Table Top Sale 10th March St Osyth Village Hall 2pm

if you have any goods we can sell or tombola prizes please get in touch.
Also we are needing cakes

Chance leaves just before the snow

Chance thankfully behaved and loaded onto the trailer early one morning and went off to her new accommodation. The llamas all stood at the gate and watched her go.
Chance was a lovely girl but we were worried about her being out at night when all the sanctuary horses were in. It seemed unfair to her. latest news from her owner is that she has settled in her new accommodation well
Well done Chance!