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Street Collection in Clacton Town Centre Saturday Feb 11th

Hello to all Volunteers, Rose and I have arranged to have a street collection to raise funds for the sanctuary on Saturday the 11th Febuary in Clacton town centre near the fountains. We plan to be there from 9AM to 5PM. If you can spare an hour or so to come and give us a break  you would be very welcome. Please email us at or let Carol know if you can help and what times you can cover during the day. Thank you Denis & Rose (Volunteers)

Chance finally give in and loads into the trailer but then has to be unloaded again

After three failed attempts to load Chance into the trailer to go to her new living accommodation her owner arrived today with a determined mind and a horse loving relative to assist getting Chance safely into the trailer.
Carol arrived late afternoon to see the trailer still at the sanctuary and Chance munching on her haylage in the goose pen.
When Carol contacted her owner she said they finally managed to load her into the trailer but when they contacted the person who was going to tow her to her new accommodation he had popped out so they reluctantly had to unload her!
I bet if Chance could have she would have blown raspberries at them. Chance will now be fed in the trailer for the next couple of days so that she gets used to going in until Sunday when her lift is booked again!

Ruby and Zeva are feeling better

after several days of feeling sore our two little girls are back to their games in the evening. They definately seem to be more cautious than before which is a very wise thing. Hopefully it will never happen again!

Chance comes to stay

A lovely black horse living nearby had to vacate the field she was on. Her owner moved all her belongings to the yard she was moving to then came back to pick her up but Chance had other ideas.
Carol was just having a tea break when she noticed Chance’s owner at the gate. She needed help! Chance would not get in the lorry. It was strange to her and a side loader which she was not used to and she was not going in and that was that!
We tried all the usual kind methods and she would not budge! The owner even moved the lorry nearer to the sanctuary and she still wouldn’t get in it. Stubben comes to mind!
In the end as we had all run out of time Carol suggested we put her in the sanctuary until the owner could organise her usual transport. Chance seemed quite happy with that idea and happily settled into one of our stables for the afternoon. Unfortunately the transport couldn’t be sorted that day so Chance is still enjoying her short stay in with the geese until when?
Watch this space!

Zeva and Ruby collide

In the evening our llamas love to go “cracker llama” and they chase each other around the sanctuary at full speed doing high kicks and generally having a wonderful time. On Sunday evening though it ended in disaster!
Zeva and Ruby our two five month old cria’s were playing chase while we were doing our chores. They were running full speed when one of them decided to take a different path around the tractor and they collided smashing their heads together.
It was very distressing as we saw it happening but could do nothing to stop it.
Zeva collapsed on the floor for a few minutes and Ruby was completely dazed. There was blood coming from Zeva’s mouth and we really feared for them. When they came round they called for their mums and Gem and Cristal came rushing over hearing their distress.
Zeva broke her front tooth and took a lump out of her lip and Ruby seemed to be shocked and had a gash on her face.
We have encouraged them to keep quiet and rest as much as possible since. Tuggy our little boy cria luckily wasn’t involved in the game that night which is very fortunate as he is not as strong as the girls.
It just goes to show that anything can happen at anytime.
We wish Ruby and Zeva well and hope they will soon be playing again

Looking forward to the new year.

2012 is the start of a new era at Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary. After 20 years of managing the sanctuary and living 2 miles away we put in for planning permission to have a caretaker’s accommodation at the sanctuary in order to give our animals around the clock care and improve security as we have become the target of vandals and thieves.

The planning application was successful and we are all very relieved. Having someone on site night and day is a dream come true for us. Martin will be living in the mobile home with Amber our sanctuary dog. He has been staying on site since August 2011 and it is amazing the difference it has made already.

We have plans to re seed certain areas of the sanctuary this year and also carry on with the painting and repairing of the buildings.

Kes decides he would like a new rug.

Kes must have decided he needed a different rug on so whilst out during the day he somehow tore it to shreds.
The problem was getting him in to take the remaining pieces off him. Kes is very lively and poor Martin had the job of bringing him in spooking and leapfrogging. Carol was following behing with Azrah who had picked up the spooky vibes and was more than a bit jumpy himself. Two large spooking horses in the dark, mud underfoot! It could have been a recipe for disaster but fortunately we got them safely indoors and Carol changed Kes into another rug and calm was restored.

Recent Winds gave our rabbits a fright.

Our rabbit hutches took a battering in the heavy winds we had recently. One hutch blew right over and the rabbit escaped. He was recaptured fairly quickly and put safely into another hutch but not before he got soaking wet (Oh yes and so did the people trying to catch him)
It has not happened before but we have made sure that all hutches are secured in case we have terrible winds again