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Looking forward to the new year.

2012 is the start of a new era at Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary. After 20 years of managing the sanctuary and living 2 miles away we put in for planning permission to have a caretaker’s accommodation at the sanctuary in order to give our animals around the clock care and improve security as we have become the target of vandals and thieves.

The planning application was successful and we are all very relieved. Having someone on site night and day is a dream come true for us. Martin will be living in the mobile home with Amber our sanctuary dog. He has been staying on site since August 2011 and it is amazing the difference it has made already.

We have plans to re seed certain areas of the sanctuary this year and also carry on with the painting and repairing of the buildings.

Kes decides he would like a new rug.

Kes must have decided he needed a different rug on so whilst out during the day he somehow tore it to shreds.
The problem was getting him in to take the remaining pieces off him. Kes is very lively and poor Martin had the job of bringing him in spooking and leapfrogging. Carol was following behing with Azrah who had picked up the spooky vibes and was more than a bit jumpy himself. Two large spooking horses in the dark, mud underfoot! It could have been a recipe for disaster but fortunately we got them safely indoors and Carol changed Kes into another rug and calm was restored.

Recent Winds gave our rabbits a fright.

Our rabbit hutches took a battering in the heavy winds we had recently. One hutch blew right over and the rabbit escaped. He was recaptured fairly quickly and put safely into another hutch but not before he got soaking wet (Oh yes and so did the people trying to catch him)
It has not happened before but we have made sure that all hutches are secured in case we have terrible winds again