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Magic Piggy Moment

No wonder it took so long to straw up the pigs’ pen!Here’s a volunteer having a magic moment: what a charming picture!

Henny Penny goes on a date

Here’s Henny Penny rushing around as usual and wearing her best feathers as she is going on a date…

Hen takes tea break

Henny Penny having a cuddle with volunteer Emma McLean during tea break – one of the perks of the job.


Spring is coming…

‘It’s been a long Winter, but Spring is in the air’

Bedtime at the Sanctuary

A huge thank you to GCS Alarms Ltd who upgraded our CCTV system yesterday with brilliant new cameras to keep us even safer. It is good to see what the horses are doing in the barn when our back is turned! Here is picture of Chocolate’s bedtime.

Charlotte the pig’s selfie

Charlotte, our elderly pig, had a new house built for her, but she did not want to venture up the wooden slope. It has taken several days to find a way of moving her without stressing her. This morning she decided if Carol could walk up the slope so could she and this is her ‘pleased with herself’ face. Is it a selfie pout or is she blowing a kiss? Whatever it is she is one happy pig!

Will you sponsor me for Christmas?

I’m bright, aaffectionate and cheerful. I love playing and eating. Sponsoring me will make a really special Christmas present for somebody…  Wishing all my fellow friendly creatures and supporters at the Sanctuary a very happy and peaceful 2016!

New piglet family rescued

The Sanctuary welcomes a beautiful new piggy family to a safe and fun-filled life with us.  A new enclosure has been made by volunteers for Mum Mary and her three little piglets. Mary is a Kunekune pig, a breed originally kept by Maoris in New Zealand. They are very friendly, hairy, rotund pigs!

Radio Interview with Sanctuary Manager

In 2011 the Sanctuary was successful in getting planning permission for Martin Bailey to live onsite as manager so that the animals had round the clock care. On Monday 9th November at 11 AM you can listen to a frank and inspiring interview with Martin in conversation with Charmaine McKissock Martin talks about how his previous life led him to the sanctuary, how it changed him and his daily routine among the animals and volunteers.

And if you missed the interview with Carol Jacobs, the founder of the Sanctuary in St Osyth, it will be repeated on Saturday 7th at 2PM.

If you miss all the interviews, go to our Meet the Team page for Listen Again links!

New greeting cards now available

Local artist Charmaine McKissock has designed these lovely greetings cards for us to raise money for our animals. They would be suitable for Christmas or any other special occasion. The cards are A6 printed on recycled paper and come wrapped in assorted packs of 4 for £5.00 or individually wrapped for £1.50 each.
They are in our St Osyth shop now and selling very fast. If you would like to order some by post please contact us or visit the shop .