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Open Day Sunday 10th June 11am until 5pm

come and see our lovely animals ,admission is a donation
Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary St Osyth Essex CO16 8JE

Winter feed and bedding appeal

We are struggling at the sanctuary with the freezing wind and snow. The animals are needing more feed and bedding in order to keep warm. We are asking if you would like to help towards these costs by making a small donation we would be very grateful. We are struggling with frozen pipes and taps to add to the difficulty of dealing with the winter conditions. If you would like to help us there is a donate button on this website or you can send a cheque made out to Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary and post to Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE thank you very much

Winter at the sanctuary

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who sent donations of feed, money and bedding for the animals over the Christmas period. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored animals too It has been a huge help to us x

Roo our donkey is pregnant!

Our lovely new girl Roo was blood tested as we had suspicion that she might have come in pregnant. On Thursday we got the result and it confirmed she was!
It is an added bonus to us as she is a beautiful soul

Open days for the rest of the summer are

Sunday 6th August 11am until 5pm
Sunday 13th August 11am until 5pm
Sunday 20th August 11am until 5pm
Sunday 27th August 11am until 5pm
Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 11am until 5pm

Thank you for the gifts

We are getting a few gifts by post from Amazon. Thank you very much whoever you are. Unfortunately there is nothing inside to say who sent them

Friends at Christmas time

Blind Sonny gets his wish

Sonny hated the other horses being taken out on a hack without him. He manages his blindness really well but misses being one of the ridden horses.
On Saturday Carol decided to put her faith in the relationship she has with him and with support on the ground in case of any problems Carol rode him. He was amazing and once she was on him he didn’t seem to be blind at all.
A wonderful example of trust between a horse and rider. Doesn’t he look happy?

Meet Tao, Dante and Raj 3 little unwanted foals we have rescued

These three little guys belonged to travelers and were “disappointments!” . It is common for these colt foals to end up abandoned in fields or left on the roadside.
Luckily these 3 are now safe and have a promising future ahead