About Our Animal Sanctuary

Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary is home to over 100 animals and birds.  It is based on grassland backing onto St Osyth Creek. The aim of the sanctuary is to give a peaceful loving home to horses, ponies and farm animals.

The majority of animals in our care are elderly or have health issues.  We do have a few younger animals at the sanctuary who have medical or behaviour problems or who, after being nursed back to health, were so settled that it was kinder to let them stay.  Rodney, a chestnut horse, has been with us since 1999. He was involved in a road accident and dragged along the road whilst harnessed up in a cart. His wounds healed but due to the fact that he is gets very anxious he was declared unfit to ride or drive as he had panic attacks.  Rodney has been at the sanctuary for many years now and is a great favourite especially at the open days.  It is very important that animals feel valued and loved when they arrive at the sanctuary. A sick animal that is loved will always do its best for you. It’s much easier to treat an animal that wants to live than one that has given up. This works for us over and over again. Some of our animals have pulled through an illness when the vet has given very little hope of recovery.

In order to keep the animals so they feel special we do have to limit the amount of animals in our care. Every horse/pony has its own stable. We are lucky to have some very valued helpers and friends who either help with the animals or fundraising. You can sponsor an animal  for  £10 per year or you can become a friend for £7.50 a year.

If you would like more information you can write to us at The Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St. Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE.  or by email tarkie@tiscali.co.uk thank you

Carol Jacobs

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